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Brighter Days

Moisturizer SPF 30



Shea butter and kojic acid combined to hydrate and brighten while delivering broad spectrum protection against solar damage.

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Girl with Tight Curls

Phoenix Glow

Revitalizing Pumpkin Peel


Treat yourself to a dose of deliciousness with the powerful exfoliating benefits of this pumpkin peel.  Aids in softening the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.  

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Thirsty Lips

Lip Scrub & Lip Balm Combo


This dynamic duo lip scrub and balm set removes dead skin while quenching dehydrated lips.

Poster of Luscious Lips
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Night Milk Serum

Bakuchiol and hyaluronic acid are the stars of this night serum providing mild exfoliation to help even out skin tone while locking in moisture and enhancing natural radiance.


Dream Cream

Whipped Body Butter

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